Sunday, October 30, 2011


Even though tomorrow is Halloween I decided I couldn't wait any longer to put up a thanksgiving themed wreath. I was feeling crafty today, especially since my internet fell of the face off the earth. I am really loving yarn wreaths. I am not sure I can resist a real wreath from the Christmas tree farm next month, but if I had to then I know just what I would do instead :)


I have acquired certain skills since Nursing School began, but none as cool as the one pictured below. Injections! We had a flu shot clinic last Thursday where we were able to really hone our skill. That wonderful girl below is Bridgette, she was kind enough to let me practice on her. Shes also in N1, thats why I was able to get a picture. Super exciting stuff.

This is my clinical group with our instructor Mrs. Murphy.

Thanks Bridgette and Meg for these photos! I have really got to start bringing my camera with me...

This Guy

His name is at the top of this page but sometimes I feel I don't write enough about him. He's my whole world and I'd feel lost without him. He knows how to make me laugh the most. He holds me the best when I cry the most. He has so much wisdom when it comes to giving advice, and such patience when he listens. When we first met I felt like this blonde hair blue eyed boy could not be for real. But after 3 years nothing has changed.

Leaving the hospital with the 2 women in his life :)

So thankful for Momma J this past week, you are amazing! We love when we get to spend a weekend with these two!

I love you Andrew Paul Fulkerson, so much!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Wow, its already week 7 of 16. Life is zooming by so I haven't had much time to give that many updates. But here is the latest:

We went to the hospital! Sure it was just an orientation type visit, but it certainly felt like a backstage pass to Disneyland. Some of the things we did were: see the floor we'll be working on, given access codes!(to the supply/medication rooms...but still cool!), lurked the medical records of current patients, saw a robot, and basically tried not to get in the way the entire time. We go back next week to begin our clinical rotations that will go until the end of the semester. Very exciting. I really cant wait to go back. After having some form of contact with a patient I feel a lot less nerviosa about patient care. This bad dad is my pass, to open doors, I felt really uncool when it wasn't working like everyone else but then I felt really cool when I had to go back later in the day to test it out again and it worked.

Other than that, Andrew is doing great! He is just the most amazing husband ever. and that is an understatement! I miss him all the time. We are both looking forward to Christmas break. He is always working hard trying to find new clients and we are so thankful how much God provides just enough every month. There are 2 big potential clients that are on our hearts big time - it would be amazing to get those jobs. So we'll see!

Today is my Friday so have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scarlett comes to town

This past Saturday we celebrated my dad turning 50. My brother and SIL came into town for the party which means we got to see our favorite little lady, Scarlett. I wish I had some great photos to put up from the party but I was not my normal photo-taking self that night. These pictures our from Sunday. Isn't my SIL gorgeous?? She totally has that new mommy glow.

Andrew loves being an Uncle to this girl. He even picked out her present this time! -a Scarlett red pea-coat. I die its so cute.

Look at her spunky little smile -I cant even handle it. Every time she smiles she gets totally into it, such a happy baby!

My brother was his usual self :) We miss them tons and love every chance we get to see them!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

On to the next thing...

We started playing with needles in class yesterday which opens up a whole new world to medications and dosages. Since I really want to be an anesthesiologist this is right up my alley. I can hardly wait until next week when we start injections! In case you were wondering, Kym and I are acquiring a nice photo repertoire for nursing school life. From curriculum to socializing with the manikins, we've got it covered.
Last night was Open House for the skills lab (pictured above) and I brought my hubby to meet my new frens. Since we hope he will be there next semester it was good for him to know what everything looks like and meet the teachers.
Okay, thats all! Well not all, but I cant talk about the rest now because I seriously have to start studying or else I am going to get fired. or a PIP. or worse.