Friday, December 7, 2012

Nursing School Update

In less than one week Andrew and I will finally be done with this semester, making him officially in 3rd semester and me in 4th semester. I can barely believe it. Its especially surreal when I see 4th semester students trying on their pinning ceremony outfits and taking photos. 

Third semester truly puts you in the "nurse" frame of mind.  My instructors made their expectations very clear to me on the first day. It's habit to say things like "in this situation the nurse would _____". Now its become a habit to say "I am going to ______". At first it was "fake 'til you make it" but now I truly feel like a nurse. Its so empowering when I am facing challenges. I know that I can overcome them because somewhere in me is the skill or knowledge that I need. Plus, its just really fun going into a room and being the nurse!

I am so thankful to have my OB rotation last. It is hard not to feel burnt out at the end of each semester, but OB material is so interesting to read about. Before my rotation I had no idea what OB was about. I assumed it was just the process of having a baby, but I was so wrong. I had no idea that creating life could be so life threatening. Not only is your patient a pregnant women who can have serious life threatening complications at any moment, but your other patient is a baby who also can have serious life threatening complications at any moment. And from what I have seen, most pregnancies have had some level of post-partum hemorrhage or a baby going to the NICU. What I also found surprising about this rotation are the nurses. They are not the sweet passive "i love babies" nurses that I thought they would be. They are some tough chicks! Imagine an ER or trauma nurse dressed in purple and flowers. So, I never thought I would say this but I am going to miss this rotation. Especially the NICU, that was my favorite favorite. 

AH. I cant believe 4th semester is so close. Which reminds me, I need to go study for my final now :) OB final on Monday, cumulative rotation final on Thursday. Wish me luck!!