Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update via Instagram

This semester has been the busiest by far. My creativity tank is pretty low which totally turns my world upside down. However, Instagram instantly cures this. So today I thought I would give you a mini update via iPhone.

There are several things I find therapeutic. This is one of them: Cleaning.

And another: Moving furniture.

Just incase you were curious as to why I am in need of therapeutic activities, please scroll down.
Have I mentioned this semester has been the hardest yet??

In an effort to do my body some good amidst all this stress, I broke out my old pilates DVD and began my green smoothie addiction.

Coincidentally the same week I started pilates I also developed a pain in my knee and had to purchase a knee brace.

Some cartoons & reading material.

Pedes! This semester has a large focus on pediatric nursing skills. We rotate each week in clinical from Acute Care/Telemetry to Pedes. Going back after spring break!

So this one time I bedazzled my badge...

I feel like a little sparkle makes me a little less plain in my maroooon scrubs.

We got rain! And this was the beginning of events leading up to my dramatic photo at the top.

Sometimes I cram notes in my pockets at the hospital so I can study during down time.

The worst 24 hours! I think I had 4 meltdowns. I bet Andrew feels like he has a 3 year old sometimes.

Now that "hell week" is over all I can think about are my lovely in-laws and our week long visit this summer!! Including our 3 day disney adventure!! With baby nephew Elliott that we get to meet!!

Last weekend Andrew, the expert on all things plants, helped me arrange my succulent "garden". I am obsessedddddd. This idea was first inspired by the sweet Brittany Toll! Read her Spring Fever post for other ways to brighten your life :)

Love our one-on-one time! :)

Another therapeutic activity: window shopping. I like to send Andrew pictures of things I like so he can tell me if we need them or not. For $4 we definitely needed that planting pot.

So the week is nearing its end and we are planning how we'll spend our spring break. So excited to see the sibs this weekend and the precious baby love!

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