Monday, October 25, 2010

Our weekend

  1. We kicked off our weekend with a movie marathon thanks to Blockbuster 3 for $10, and no thanks to Redbox(they really need to come up with a better quality movie selection). Our Picks: Backup Plan, The Killers, and 13:the conspiracy(we love our espionage, but this was too Jason Bourne copycat) -the others made me laugh my loud laugh.

  2. A couple days ago I bought this super cute white tray to go on our ottomon in the living room, and Saturday morning Andrew used it to give me breakfast in bed. What a guy :)

  3. We also studied, ALOT. 3 big tests this week and next.

  4. Sunday I was finally talked into breakfast at Coco's. I have a track record for going out to breakfast and then leaving because if i can make it, then why go out? Just my thinking... but Andrew wanted chicken fried steak, eggs, breakfast potatoes, AND a muffin so it was okay this time. Of course we shared because who in their right mind eats all of that!? and if i could just say, my muffin only had like 3.5 blueberries.

  5. We studied some more slash watched the Broncos set a new record(which i understand is a bad thing this time).

  6. Then we cooked a delish meal on our bbq because we love our bbq.

  7. We beat the Angry birds game and are currently in the market for an as equally challenging one.

  8. Really upset at because they are not posting the latest episodes of Gossip Girl and Nikita.

Picture of the weekend: My wonderful Mother in-love sent me a box(really cute box) of cake decorating tools! Isnt she great? Im talking Cake Boss tools here... stay tuned for cake pictures!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

and its not even my birthday

Yesterday I did some late spring cleaning of my closet to see exactly what I got workin for me these days, because it feels like I wear the same thing everyday. And what do you know, 4 shirts. ?! and 2 of them have a couple years on them. Redic. Andrew was on board with this project. He also has been telling me for the past couple weeks to go buy some clothes already, so lastnight when we didnt have anything to do and he decided it was time. I felt pretty excited, especially because all the clothes I scoped out just a few days earlier were now ALL on sale. I just have this big problem with spending $20 for a shirt at Target.

Then to make today great, Andrew asked me if he could plan my day.

#3 was a massage. I bug him a lot for massages so maybe this is his way of getting a day off. But I decided not to completely be a diva and told him a massage could wait :) I feel so loved, all this pampering and its not even my birthday.

Our 2nd rain! We saw a little snow on top of Big Bear after and that made us really excited.

PS: this is take 2 of trying to video the rain because Andrew was being real mature and making sounds that ruin the video, so ignore that last second of this video.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 months of wedded bliss

Its so fun making a littlebig deal out of each month we're together. On our 1 month we spent with Andrews parents in New Mexico. It was on the weekend of Papa Pauls big 60 so we totally came ready to bless him, but then to our surprise they wanted to bless us by sending us out on a cute date when we got back home to celebrate the big 1 month :)
So this month, like last month, we didnt plan anything but somehow it unfolded to a really great day. Drew came home with these darling flowers. If we could do a second wedding i would totally do it up with these flowers. I think sunflowers are just the brightest flowers. Maybe its that wildflower factor they have that i love so much... I told Andrew a long time ago i only like flowers that were picked, and you wont believe it but he says there was a field right outside of BedBath&Beyond where he spotted these. isnt that amazing? ;) ...SPEAKING of BedBath&Beyond, last night we got to cross off the last item from our wedding registry! soooo exciting. thanks mom and dad! now we dont have to keep their vacuum hostage anymore (they're excited about that too).
isnt she beautiful? its so apartment-perfect. i already vacuumed twice in 2 days. i hope that isnt bad for carpet...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dinner and a movie...homestyle

A little Rosemary, Garlic, and Red Pepper flakes, Red Potatoes, Lemons, Cremini Mushrooms and Chicken Breast= 1 Good Meal!

...but I dont think im gunna hear the end of it if I dont start serving some dinner rolls with these meals :)

Our Home

Now that we have a camera aaand we cleaned today, I decided to take pictures of some of our favorite things about our home. Enjoy :)Probably the messiest part of our home, but its an organized mess...

Loveee our new bistro set.

Chances bathroom, her favorite colors of course...

A little piece of Julia left behind :)

The Sanctuary... nooo clutter.

His&Hers idea.

The cutest part of our bathroom! Don't you love baskets?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fulkersons meet Blogger

We're Newlyweds and we cant help but feed this need to be cute. Our particular cuteness comes in the form of sharing everything internet so we can share it with you (first email, then facebook, now blogger). What can we say, our name just looks really good on everything.