Monday, February 27, 2012

Pool day in February

On the weekends we try and spice up our lives a bit because it's nice to take a break from the routines. The weather was so unbelievably perfect this past weekend that we decided to spend the afternoons sunning. Obvi I had to wear my diva floppy hat, which only helped me feel more like I was in a tropical paradise.
Can I just say I am so thankful for our home. I love every foot in our 989 sq. ft. and the fact that our neighbors work full time so we get the pool and gym all to ourselves :)

I'm embarrassed to say, but our door has been bare for the past month, so a while ago I made this fancy little thang. Not fancy at all really. I recycled some leftover linen fabric to make the rosettes and a wood cutout F. The F has already fallen off but since I have so much fabric still leftover I think I am just going to cover half the wreath with a garden of linen rosettes. I wanted to post this photo because linen rosettes are my new favorite. You can put them on a pillow, a frame, a wreath, whatevs! They are a no brainer to make, too.

Friday, February 24, 2012

5 weeks in!

Days feel like they are zooming by over here and there isn't much time to stop and take a breath, but when I finally get a chance to my heart feels like it could burst with excitement. In essence: I LOVE what I do. I love learning, I love practicing, I love getting another test behind me and I love the future! I feel so fortunate to be working towards a career that each day will bring something new and exciting. Even now as a student I walk away from every clinical experience with ten new stories about my patient, their diagnoses, a new skill/procedure I got to do, etc. Im totally a sponge, with legs of course, because I am constantly on my feet racing/walking around. Oh and deep pockets, to fill with meds, syringes, alcohol pads, IV bags, gloves, SBARs, worksheets, cliff bar, you name it.

Because a blog without photos is lameskies, here is a photo of me checking off on my IV skills!

Today was my first day hanging an IV bag and piggy back at the hospital, too! No posing was involved.

Andrew is running for Vice President of the Student Nurse Association and we vote this week (!!!), has taken his first exam and doesn't get the results until Thursday (!!!), and begins hospital rotations the next Thursday (!!!).

(breath) Sometimes we only have 5 minutes to download our day to each other before we're off to the next thing so our conversations during the week look almost exactly like the above sentence.

One thing I love about Andrew is that when he decides to do something, he goes all out. For example: deciding he wanted to run for VP his 1st semester (my heart hits the floor at the sheer idea of speaking in front of large groups!!). And then there is that one time when his very female study group planned to celebrate after their 1st exam and he wanted to join in on the group unity. I seriously love my husband even more after seeing this photo. He's so adorbs!!

Knew this adventure together would be fun!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nursing School Update!

Today is the end of week 2 and I have come to the conclusion that Nursing 1 is way more demanding of one's schedule than Nursing 2. Andrew kind of lives at school these days so I only get to see him during the evenings. However in the evenings all we do is bury our heads in theory books and practice our skills. I have to confess though, Tuesday night I sat on the couch for 3 solid hours and caught up on The Bachelor, Real Housewives of OC, and Teen Mom 2. Of course I make Andrew watch these things with me so I was happy to enjoy quality time during the week with him. In my defense, my break from studying that night mainly had to do with how incredibly sore I am from clinical. Clinical is Monday and Tuesday and by Tuesday afternoon I feel like I've just done 9,786 squats. No joke. Even though I now have two patients I feel like I have less responsibility. All I do is walk in circles through the halls until something comes up that I can do. I keep telling myself its just going to make my legs toner but I have yet to see that improvement. I wish I had more pictures to post but I don't, so these uploads from Instagram will have to do.

The most important part of my get ready routine on days that I have clinical is the amount of coffee I consume.

I finally got around to making my first green smoothie. Loving it!

I love how easy it is to just grab one and let it defrost at the hospital so I have a healthy snack while on my break. However I do not love the expression on everyones face when they see me drinking it.

I can't wait until Andrew gets home so we can snuggle.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


My sweet husband turned 28 saturday! I planned the whole day and by noon we were exhausted, lucky for Andrew he had a massage scheduled right at 12. After he was done being pampered we took the day much slower (showered, studied, changed our restaurant for dinner a couple times...). We had a lot of fun and Andrew felt super loved by everyone who wished him a great birthday.

Bright and early, seeing his birthday banners for the first time!

I love him!

On our way out the door all bundled up for dinner! I am aware that I look a little over-bundled

Does anyone else forget to buy candles when buying a birthday cake?

You are the best husband and friend I could imagine. I love you Andrew Paul Fulkerson!