Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a cold, a party, and a hotel

My super sweet -and super pregnant- sister in law threw my brother a surprise 25th birthday bash at Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Island. We had a ton of fun for many reasons: 1. My brother loooves being around family and friends, so to see him so happy was great :) 2. We were in Newport Beach...enough said 3. I went to my first real pet store...like with puppies for sale and all. 4. I already decided 2 weeks prior that I was getting a Cappuccino and Cheesecake for dinner...and I did. It was called Chris' something something...basically had like 10 layers of brownie, chocolate cake, german chocolate cake filling(coconut pecan stuff) and cheesecake(of course). Sadly I wasnt feeling too hot so I let everyone else eat it.

This is us at Cheesecake, there was a neat elevator behind us that our bodies are completely covering.

Brother about to blow out his candle. I am pretty sure Cheesecake broke the law when they started singing "Happy Birthday" but it was a lot better than one of those embarassing made up songs. It was great, the waiter said "Steve" instead of "Scott". And then someone said it was his 13th Birthday. We had a lot of fun and laughs.

Dont mind Andrew and my face's, we were going through hot flashes and chills the whole night. But brother looks great! He always has a new 'do. I think its hilarious how much we dont look alike.

So if you didnt get it already, we were pretty sick. We planned on driving home that night but there was no way we would make it back alive. Luckily, there was a Mariott right across the street. It would have been pretty romantic any other time, but we watched true story murder shows til we could get sleepy-apparently thats all there is to watch on tv saturday nights. I didnt sleep a wink. We got up early and this was the view from our balcony, pretty! See, romantic any other time.

After a few days of bed rest at home we are functioning again. We havent had colds in a longg time so it was a different kind of animal for us. Clearly I am over that wanting-to-be-sick-so-i-can-miss-school stage. After 7 Netflix movies and all of last weeks episodes from NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV I have no interest in TV anymore.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Lately I have become quite the whirlwind. Just when our life is all settled I get an idea (or five) and unsettle everything. My poor husband. Thankfully he is so sensible and wise or else I would never stay grounded. See, were on this track to get our Nursing degrees and sometimes its really frustrating how lengthy this track is and how patient I have to be. Its discouraging knowing that im doing everything to get there, but still feel like im not being propelled forward. At the same time, I feel like if we pursued all my silly ideas we would be living out of our means. Financially, yes, but more so "purposefully". I have the strongest desires to own a home and have a baby, but I know that isnt our purpose for today. Hopefully in a while, but today no. If we gave into these desires tomorrow we would probably feel like shell people. We'd have all these "things" but there would be no heart in it because it wasnt right for now. So I decided, im going to have to celebrate the little mile markers along the way to get through this time. Thats why I love my husband. He is so good at showing me these truths, but making me feel like they were my own revelations ;)

One great thing we learned from this is that we DO need to start saving for a home. Like, yesterday. If were gunna start doing that, then technically we are now "living out of our means". This super cute condo doesnt serve our new purpose, soooo...we are on the move. Yikes. Currently we have 0 prospects but prayfully some will open up :) Isnt this such a great lesson to learn young? Yay

Here is a picture to interest-ify our post:

Dad's 49th birthday dinner...hes a little grumpy in public :)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Mornings

I love my mornings. When I'm older, +4 babies, and working in my profession, I'm going look back at this time with big appreciation.

Its happiness when I get to: sleep while my honey takes Chance for a walk, make breakfast to the sound of Good Morning America, enjoy my 1 cup of coffee to the fullest degree while Andrew eats his 1 egg over medium on a piece of toast, and send my hubby off to work with a kiss, loves, and a "see you later".

The afternoons are a different story...now its 10:04 am, Andrews been at work for a couple hours and all I have managed to do was box up a couple gifts to put in the mail. I guess I got a little distracted over engeneering this box so the goodies inside wont break...Andrew would be proud.

I started a new job at my job with my mom so I dont want you people to think I dont do anything all day. I'm a girl friday, really. My goal though, is to finish up my insurance school by the end of this month so I can get my license and be more of a mon-fri girl ;)

In the mean time, I have a bed to make, floors to vaccuum and bathrooms to clean. Speaking of bathrooms, I was fantasizing about an un-cluttered shower when I saw THIS:

It really makes cleaning a shower more appealing when you dont have to move around all these wet bottles.


It's been 3 months...

and I would just like to publicly announce that I recognize this blog is bore city. You know, just in case there is anyone out there who actually looks at this page other than me.