Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family Time

This past weekend we got to spend time with the cutest little family we know. Minus my brothers new "look", these are some pretty great pictures of their family (you know i love you brother). Andrew and I spent most of our time being completely enraptured by everything Scarlett can do now. She is awesome.

Scarlett is in this new stage where she does not like men (but she LOVES her DADDY!). It's kind of funny how she instantly cries if a man holds her, bad news for Andrew. He was persistent though and eventually she only cried every 30 seconds.

Love this girly and her momma!

I love pictures for so many reasons, especially when they clue me in on how awful my jeans are looking.

It was such a great weekend, love and miss you guys already!

A Birthday Party

Little Meg turned 20 this past week so Saturday us nursing students got together for a surprise party. Elizabeth through the party at her cutecute house and did a great job decorating. So glad Meg had a birthday so we could all celebrate her and unwind from an intense semester :)

Look at us future nurses of America. Go us!

Study group! Missing Aly, Natalie, and Steph :(

Hot husband!

Friday, November 25, 2011

"It's Black Friday, Black Friday"

That was our theme song today. I can thank Kohl's commercial for that. We planned on getting up early to see all the crazies out at 4 am (no real interest in deals, just the crazies) but someone hit the snooze button (someone also told that someone to do so)(that someone was me). So we ended up sleeping in and taking our sweet time to hit up our stores. We learned something really important too: that it was a great idea! There was seriously no one at the mall or Target from 8-11. Lucky for us!

We thought it would be smart to take the zippy car for easier parking and it was a good thing too. I was so proud of my little box.

We also thought it necessary to take a picture of this bad dad.

After a busy day we came home and... wrapped presents! I just love Christmas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! This is Andrew and I in front of our festive wreath. As you can see we are home for the holiday. We decided to break the rules and spend the holiday together, just us. When I say "we" I really mean "I"'s no secret who the rule breaker is. Don't get me wrong, this isn't what every holiday looks like in the future, but I have always treasured the idea of spending the holiday together like this. Plus being around non gluten-free food would of been toture. We have loved our Thanksgiving. Yummy food, comfy clothes, football (that's for Andrew) and tons of relaxation. I don't think we've been this relaxed since our honeymoon. It's really nice too since we plan on doing some Christmas shopping tomorrow. Never have we been out on Black Friday. I just want to see what all the hype is.

We already started our Christmas shopping this week and we may or may not have gotten a little distracted when we spotted these comfys for our toesies.

We got right back on track though, almost done too! I can't wait for Christmas.

Hope everyone had a lovely day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's official

Acceptance letter, can't wait to see that official one from the mail!

He's in! First came the provisional acceptance letter, then came the entrance exam, then came the results. I may or may not have screamed like a banshee jumping up and down. If Andrew could blog he would agree to that. Boy to see that smile of his was amazing! He's been under a worry cloud the past 10 days that lead up to the entrance exam, especially the past 24 hours waiting for the results. Now he can really celebrate!!!! I am just so happy for him because no one deserves this more. The feeling that comes along with getting into a program like this feels like life is finally starting. There's nothing more exciting for me to see that first hand too. He is so smart, so bright, so caring, and his goals in nursing are so big I really believe he's going to make a big difference. It's no secret that I am also super excited about the fact for the next 3 semesters we are going to share this adventure!

Now if he could just come home so I can hug him one hundred thousand more times!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Last time I gave a nursing school update (or "NURSING-SCHOOL-UPDATE!" as i like to say over here, with lots of enthusiasm) I told you all about my first injection and how cool I felt. Well since then I've been able to give some in the hospital to my patients. Completing the whole meds process was a bit overwhelming at first. Note: you will definately need to a patients blood pressure before you give meds. You can bet I wont forget that again. That and the little cuppy for the pills.

Another first: It was my turn to observe a surgery in the OR last week! I was fuh-reezing! My instructors husband was actually the surgeon, isn't that awesome? Everyone in the OR was super nice which was great because I was expecting they would just feel like I was in the way all the time. The whole idea is to be watching what the nurse is doing, but I couldn't resist chatting up the Anesthesiologist (being that CRNA school is my end goal and all). The first day I saw a total knee replacement and the second day I saw a bunch of arthroscopys. I thought a TKR would be total bore city but I was wrong. He sawed off the end of the patients femur and tibia.

Its a shame they still haven't come up with something a little cuter to cover the head

Latest first: I saved the best for last. This week I did my first abdominal dressing change. I was muy nerviousa taking off the layers of gauze because I had no idea what to expect. At the same time I thought it was incredible my instructor really trusted me to do this (ha!). With my instructor right next to me the patient asks "so is this your first time doing this, Holly?". If your in nursing school you know that answer is always "Noo, I do these all the time", and its true, I practice all the time :).

During these last 3 weeks we only have 3 more days at the hospital. I can really feel a shift in the expectations on us as students. A little factoid about next semester: we get TWO patients. Not gunna lie, kind of nervous. Before I get too ahead of myself I am just going to focus on my Comprehensive Skills Assessment on Monday, failing that=dropped from the program on the spot. ...No pressure...

Wellll thats everything about moi. Stay tuned for a post on Andrew!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Couch For Sale

Couch For Sale. 1 year old. Chocolate brown. Extra deep cushions for extra comfort. Large back pillows that aren't attached so you can switch them out or flip them over. 5 pieces: 3 corner, 1 middle, and an ottoman. Dimensions: corners 39x39x40, middle 39x39x40, ottoman 39x39x18. The pictures below show the different arrangements that can be made. Pretty nifty huh? It's great for people like me who like to rearrange furniture on a monthly basis. Price: $1000.

Email if interested!