Monday, April 23, 2012


I got to spend another day in Pedes this week and hopefully tomorrow will make it two. I got to administer an IV piggyback through a syringe and hold a cute baby. As you can see I kind of like it there a lot. This photo was taken in the multifunctional "break room/storage room/treatment room". 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nursing School Update

Sadly, I don't have any awesome photos to post about school. Andrew spent last weeks clinical in the OR. I told him to take a photo in his scrubs (because they are cool surgical scrubs) but he didn't get the message in time. He assured me he looked hot though. The experience definitely made him more excited to pursue CRNA. Fun fact: His surgeon is married to the daughter of the Pixis creator (a machine that dispenses all the patients medications). Isn't that cool? He also mentioned the team was pretty vulgar. I guess when you are a female student they refrain a lot. I was going to tell you about the conversation we had about the smell of cauterizing flesh but I think I won't. I'll just tell you he really loved the experience and did not pass out.

In other news, I checked off on tracheostomy suctioning. Which means when my instructor comes up to a group of students and asks which one of us can go suction a patient, guess who has to go. When she handed me the goggles I was not a happy camper. The real icing on the cake was seconds before I was about to suction another student had the ventilator tube in her hand and calmly stated

"the trache tube is out"

For .3 seconds the room was SILENT, then instantly the instructor yells "CALL RESPIRATORY, CALL FOR HELP!". Everyone in the room was frantically searching for the phone or running to the nurses station or frozen with panic. I was definitely 100% confused as to what was going on. Looking at the patient I couldn't tell if they weren't breathing because they couldn't talk anyway, I just knew that was what everyone assumed was happening. The real kicker: 5 seconds later, as the room is about to fill with nurses, my instructor says "wait the patient is fine, cancel the call, the trache tube is not out, it was just the inner canula that fell out" (as in not the outer cannula which would cause the patient to stop breathing) and proceeds to laugh nervously and hysterically. Immediately she looks at me and says "okay, lets suction". All I could think about was HOLY SMOKES can I get a second to regain composure!?! But of course I know theres no weakness in nursing, so I suctioned.

I am definitely filing this under traumatic experiences in nursing school.

I am still concerned about that laugh of hers... very odd.

So tomorrow I have an exam, my birthday is Saturday, I am going to a birthday breakfast with my parents, then a "stop childhood obesity" walk for this semesters community service project, the rest of Saturday will include making flash cards for Andrew while he is in isolation studying, Sunday will continue with this weekends theme of studying, and then we will only have 4 weeks left of school!

Then Andrew will be in 2nd semester, I'll be in 3rd semester, and we will get to do this all over again!

Hope this provided some kind of thrill in your life and that your week is just fab :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


We started the day with our monthly visit to Sam's, followed by buying socks, grocery shopping, studying, and playing with my birthday present. 

It was a good day.

Its my birthday (week)

I've been begging Andrew to let me open my birthday present since the beginning of April. Its fun to ask things like that regardless of whether or not he has already picked me out a gift just to see if he will say yes. Well, yesterday he said yes. 

I love that he remembers things I say I really really want even if it was months ago.

What a guy. I love him.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

As I was uploading these photos I started to think this post is much longer than Spring Break was. Tevs.

We clearly did not waste any time switching gears to spring break mode. As soon as hubby got off work we celebrated with some of our favorite grown up drinks. 

For the weekend we drove out to HB to spend time with the sibs, baby S, and the parents. 

Me and Carolyn have a lot of fun at Charming Charlies. I am pretty disappointed at myself for not buying this hat. Its even more fabulous in person. And by fabulous I obviously mean larger. 

Andrew likes to push the stroller/hold the diaper bag whenever he can, I am really glad too because he's kind of adorable when he does it. 

Is there anything sweeter?!??!? 

We are the luckiest auntie and uncle. 

For dinner we went to Slaters 50/50 -amazing! I have been craving vampire dip ever since. We had a little bit of a wait so we decided to take camera pictures. Its the cutest how she is so enthralled with her reflection. 

Love x3!

Breakfast spot thanks to Carolyn. So yum! 

Beach Sun. Love it. Miss it. 

Back home I made sure to tune in to all Giada's newest episodes. 

...and study.

Finally took the leap to bleach my hair...! 

Super in love with the final product! My hairstylist is amazeballs. 

Two new home additions: owly from target garden center and candle from bed bath and body works. In my down time I ponder the idea of bringing color into our home. Its incredibly difficult. Every time I buy something its in some shade of white. Hmph.

Except flowers. Success. 

Final day of spring break :(

Every pool day needs a grown up drink. 

...aaaand we're back. Spent my first day back in the pediatric unit! It was great! We actually spent 2 days in a row, super lucky since last time it was only 1 day. My dream job is a nurse anesthetist but in choosing a fall back I have contemplated pedes. This was before I even went to the pediatric unit and probably motivated by my sweet little niece. But after spending a day there a couple weeks ago I was pretty nervous if it was a good suit for me. Lets just say its a little disheartening when the cutest little boy ever looks at you like your a serial killer when you try to take his temperature. However, yesterday after my second pedes visit, my instructor gave me my mid term evaluation and said I have received a ton of compliments by the staff and after watching me she thinks I found my spot(!). To really appreciate this you would have to meet my instructor. She definitely doesn't say things like that, or smile or laugh really, unless its at her own joke. It was just a small  gesture by her but it always feels great to get a little confirmation on your own inclination. With that said, Andrew says he wants to pursue being a nurse anesthetist too! This coming from the boy he wanted to be nurse practitioner for pediatric oncology. Funny how we are switching positions. I for one think he would be great at either one :). Oh, he gets to spend this week in the OR! Maybe that will give him more insight into the anesthesia role. Super excited for him. for us. for LIFE! :) 

Hope you all had a great spring break/easter!!