Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new semester started! It will be so strange that one day we will no longer have to buy new pencils, backpacks, binders, or paper. Its such a tradition. To me, the first day of school is like New Years, even  better actually (I have stayed up for New Years maybe twice and participated in resolutions once).  I tell myself how this is going to be my best semester, I'm going to get an A on all my exams... you know really talking myself up. Andrew probably too. Who doesn't? 

It was a great first day. Andrew went to a new hospital this semester where the phrase "donde esta dolor?" will be very useful. It sounds like he has got a great clinical instructor too. My semester had a theory on IV therapy our first day because we are starting IV's! Now I am 100% terrified of inserting an IV needle because all of the things that can go wrong. 

Per tradition, I give you another "first day of school" photo. The OCD part of me is really struggling with the fact that I am not wearing scrubs like all our previous "first day" photos. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


August is a bittersweet month in this house. We get to celebrate another wonderful year being married, but we have to start saying goodbye to summer break. Its been 110 degrees on average so we haven't been doing any outdoor activities. This month we got a little crazy though and went swimming a few times and took up a new hobby, cycling. This past weekend we took a special trip to Newport for a bike ride on the boardwalk. It wouldn't be a quality trip unless we spent some quality time with our little niece love and sister love. I can't wait to start looking for a place to live there next summer!

Monday, August 6, 2012

2 Years

Happy 2 year Anniversary to my sweet husband.
I love you!