Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new semester started! It will be so strange that one day we will no longer have to buy new pencils, backpacks, binders, or paper. Its such a tradition. To me, the first day of school is like New Years, even  better actually (I have stayed up for New Years maybe twice and participated in resolutions once).  I tell myself how this is going to be my best semester, I'm going to get an A on all my exams... you know really talking myself up. Andrew probably too. Who doesn't? 

It was a great first day. Andrew went to a new hospital this semester where the phrase "donde esta dolor?" will be very useful. It sounds like he has got a great clinical instructor too. My semester had a theory on IV therapy our first day because we are starting IV's! Now I am 100% terrified of inserting an IV needle because all of the things that can go wrong. 

Per tradition, I give you another "first day of school" photo. The OCD part of me is really struggling with the fact that I am not wearing scrubs like all our previous "first day" photos. 

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