Friday, August 26, 2011


I have been such a good little wife this week. I made lunch and dinner everyday. Hopefully Andrew will remember all of this next week when school starts and I'm too tired to cook.
By the way, we have officially gone a whole week without TV and I have missed all my favorite shows. Can someone please fill me in on Drop Dead Diva, The Bachelor Pad, and Teen Mom? Thanks.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Yarn Wreath

I dont know about you but I love decorating and projects. When I found out we were moving I got so excited I immediately started moving in mentally. Do you do that too? Well, I instantly remembered this yarn wreath project I saw one time (on a blog probably) that I had always wanted to make, so I made it. Isn't it cute? I am already thinking of all the ones I can make for different seasons. Mine is pretty simple but you can make them fancy too.

On a side note: I am sitting in the business center at our complex and the lady next to me says "So when do you go back to school?"... I sensed she thought I was in high school (which started last week) but since College is still school I told her I start next Monday and smiled. Five minutes later a school bus drives by the window (btw I didn't know school buses go through apartments??) and she says "Oh don't look now! (laughs) ... Are you looking forward to going back??" ...This time I couldnt help myself and I let her know I was in the RN program at the COLLEGE and that I was TWENTY THREE. I was nice about it but seriously, me on a school bus!? Hmph. She said I looked 16 but Id like to think I would atleast be driving myself to school at that age.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh dear...

We have been neglecting our blog. This past weekend Andrew and I moved into our new home (very exciting) and we wont have internet until the 31st(!), hence the lack of posts. But thanks to the internet at work, here is a sneak peak of our new place:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Niece

This little baby is our favorite little lady. Andrew and I got to spend the morning with Miss Scarlett and her mommy and we loved it! We left thinking "shes so fun now!". She squeels and stares and smiles -ah the smiles! they are priceless. Isn't she so pretty? I cant get over those gorgeous eyes and perfectly shaped lips. We love our baby niece.
I think any woman would agree that seeing their husband holding a baby is the sweetest. Loves.
Then theres me, dont I look so ready for a baby here? I think I will put this someplace I can see it daily to remind me we still have 2 more years.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

1 year

Dear One Year Anniversary,

I loved everything about you.

xo Holly

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Newlywed no more

It has been almost 1 year since my journey down the aisle and I can't even believe it. I feel so accomplished. or established. or maybe I feel so...married! Happily, of course :)

This morning I was finishing up our newlywed scrapbook and (I probably say this about every scrapbook I finish) this is definately my new favorite. Its much shorter than our dating/engaged scrapbook but I think it's due to the lack of movie ticket stubs. It's my new favorite because it's a perfect representation of all that I have ever dreamt, come true: My amazing husband whom I absolutely love doing life with, making our own traditions, starting our career phase of life, and romantic getaways! (how fun is it when you spend your first night away somewhere together because you can?!). I can't wait to show our children these books that tell our story. I want them to know us through them. I want them to know knit stockings at christmas started with our first christmas. And family vacations to Newport started with our summers together. But most of all, that we really love eachother.

I love my husband and the joy that fills my heart when I am with him <3

Flashback to where it all began: First day as BFGF. How cute.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


LOTS of books.

Wait until I show you my awesome rolly backpack. I must have come to the book store at the right time because everyone was super helpful. I found out which bandage scissors the teacher preferred us to use, which stethoscope was the cadillac of all stethoscopes, and plenty of warnings to keep an eye on all my stuff! Then, when I was standing in line, a 2nd semester nursing student asked me if i had a backpack to carry all of that everyday. That's right, all of those books! I then found out I was going to have to join the rolly backpack club. No way around it. I have seen those nursing students on campus before, with these office crates on wheels carrying all their books, but I didnt realize that they didnt have a choice. Tough cookies.

Really large rolly backpacks are a hot comodity and require pre-ordering online, but I found this super great alternative. It even matches our luggage! The cute swiss flag logo makes it look kind of medical-ly too! I am excited.